24-hour personal service

Sympathetic personal service from one of our Funeral Directors from first call and after the Funeral Service

  • Complete guidance and advice on making funeral arrangements and registering
  • Liaise with clergy, cemeteries, crematoriums, doctors, hospitals and coroners if necessary
  • Personal transfer of deceased to our chapel of rest
  • Care of deceased at our chapel of rest
  • Arrangement of press notices, floral tributes, refreshments, musical requirements, public address system
  • Professional printing of Service sheets, attendance cards, memorial cards
  • Cataloguing of donations and liaising with relevant charity/charities
  • Arrangement of burial/scattering/disposal of cremated remains
  • Arrangement of acknowledgment or thanks for sympathy notices
  • Provision of hearse, limousine and uniformed under bearers

Funeral costs

At Richardsons we pride ourselves on having individual Funerals.

Our Funerals are tailored to our clients requirements.

Economical Funeral

Burial / Cremation from £1,250.00.

Our services for this Funeral include :-Peace box coffin, Undertaker taking arrangements advising on registration at our premises  in attendance at Funeral, Removal of deceased from a local address* in working hours, care of the deceased and provision of motor hearse at a local address*.

Traditional Funeral

If the Economical Funeral does not meet your requirements our traditional funeral from £1,700.00 includes:- Prenton Medium Veneered Oak Coffin fully dressed and lined , Scatter tube / Oak Marker Cross, Undertaker taking arrangements advising on registration at our premises or your home, in attendance at Funeral, Removal of deceased from a local address* within working hours, care of deceased and provision of 4 uniformed under bearers and motor hearse at a local address

Please be aware that the listed Services do not include any costs for a third party (disbursements) which we pay on your behalf.  E.g. Cremation Fees / Cemetery Fees / Ministers Fees etc.



* Local Address within 10 mile radius of Penrith.

These are fees we pay on your behalf to a third party and are for guidance only.


Carlisle Crematorium Fees £820.00*

Interment of Cremated remains £27.00

Interment of Cremated Remains family in attendance £50.00

Doctors’ Fees for Cremation Forms £164.00

*Includes use of Chapel, Medical Referees fee, use of music system, does not include organist.


Local Authority Cemetery (Penrith, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Garrigill, Alston & Nenthead)

Purchase of full grave space £556.00

Interment Fee £556.00*

Interment of Cremated Remains £180.00*

Scattering Cremated Remains £55.00*

*Fees are double for non-residents and out of prescribed hour’s interments.


These fees can vary between Churchyards.

The statutory fees are:-

Interment fee £303.00

Burial of cremated remains on a separate occasion £158.00*

*Includes minister’s fee

Gravedigger’s Fee for coffin burial from £300.00

Gravediggers Fee for interment of Cremated Remains from £40.00

Church Fees

The fees vary between Churches, the statutory fees the Church of England are:-

Fee payable to the Parochial Church Council £87.00

Ministers £103.00

Additional fees

Organist from £40.00

Verger from £45.00

Heat and Light from £30.00

Ministers Travelling expenses from £20.00

Optional disbursements can vary

These include newspaper announcements (local or national), floral tributes, catering, printed Order of Service, attendance cards, memorial cards, public address system, soloists. Kindly contact us for guidance and prices.

We can provide environmental coffins to American caskets, horse drawn hearse, motorcycle hearse, limousines as required